So what can they have?

Well everything really. It’s almost all homemade from here on in though. For emergencies i find ellas kitchen products are fantastic and a lot of them are dairy free,always check the back though. The fish one isn’t nor some of the roasts or anything with cheese. We have the added complication of having to avoid carrots & sweet potato so almost all of them are out. Unfortunately we may have to avoid apples too,will have to trial them again soon but the last time he had them there was copious immediate vomiting so not a great sign!

Anyway one thing you may be surprised about :

Custard! Yes the humble custard is absolutely a-ok, once made from powder using your childs milk. Mix with some fruit to make a nutricious snack,we have done it this week with pear and the mix of hot custard and cold pear is yummy. Absolutely no need to mix the sugar into the paste when making it, i’ve made it without and it was lovely.


All fruit and veg. All dairy free so don’t you worry yummy mummies (and daddies). Mash them,boil them,roast them,puree to your hearts content. Set aside one day a week (or an evening ) and get all your cooking done at once and then freeze for the week ahead, meal planning is where it’s at.

Meat bought from the butchers and made into a meal using your own ingredients is fine. Processed or marinated meats will have to be checked for ingredients. The humble fish finger has dairy ingredients for example. Always check what products your local supermarket has in it’s free from section. Not to be putting one shop over another but Tesco have a great selection.

Dairy always gets a little outdone by Gluten free but take heart,it’s because dairy is so much easier to manage. If you have a child both dairy and gluten free then you have my sympathies. We did a one month gluten free trial here and it is in everything! Although as above,all fruit & veg are fine. When i start posting recipes i will include all free from tags to make them easier to search.


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