Actions and reactions

Just posted a photo of my small mans reaction to milk,hives or ‘weals’ on his chest after some milk dropped onto it. He also gets this reaction to blackcurrants and either rubber gloves or washing up liquid,fun. His main symptoms of milk allergy though were constant stuffiness & wheezing with lots and lots of green foamy gooey nappies. Yet no one copped it until we were in a & e one day and the rash above was spotted after he had thrown up a bottle on himself. An unusual symptom too was no energy,around the age of 4 mths he was starting to roll and it was around this time also that we started weaning (17 weeks),some of the baby food had skimmed whole milk in it. By the age of 5 months he had stopped rolling and could barely lift his head from the ground doing tummy time. We went to physio and got exercises to help,but they couldn’t really. Since going off milk he started rolling around the ground,sitting properly for long periods and now does 360 turns doing tummy time and crawls/slides backwards. It’s been 2 months milk free 🙂


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