So hi everyone,i’m an irish mum of three. There may be a slight milk intolerence in my second child but boy did we get hit hard with no.3. From birth we had numerous dark green mucousy nappies (I bottle fed) and a constant blocked nose plus eczema & rashes popping up constantly. When we started weaning it just got worse and at one stage he was wheezing day and night for 5 weeks straight, all the inhalers,nebs,steroids,antibiotics etc weren’t making a dent in it, my poor little man was just not well. In desperation one day after he drank a full bottle and threw it up we brought him to a & e. Now i had changed him completely before we left but when we got there he was covered in a rash where the milk had hit and loads of tiny red spots. The junior doc on call took a look and said ‘that looks a milk allergy’. Well the relief was unreal,there was a chance we could fix it! We tried him on a couple of formulas, lactose free, soya but the only one that worked was neocate,an amino acid based formula with no dairy or lactose whatsoever. Any time he has a tiny bit of dairy or soya he starts wheezing and coming out in hives. He also can’t have carrot or sweet potato,same reactions so weaning is not a lot of fun! I’ve been researching a lot but the main recipes are american or for older children so here we are,my blog of our journey,hope you like it!


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